Mastering The Art Of Podcast Guesting For Optimum Promotion

Besides being a means of sharing information, ideas, and insights, podcasting is becoming relatively popular lately. More interestingly is the fact that many businesses have now keyed into drilling this gold mine. The reasons aren’t so farfetched:

  1. Podcasts allow businesses to reach a higher number of users/ listeners/ customers at once.
  2. Podcasts are a form of implicit marketing that projects guest interviewees as experts and allow them to sell their skills to members of the public.
  3. Unlike an appearance in the news (which will probably only be aired once); podcasts are often sent to a mail list of subscribers who may listen to any topic they are interested in.
  4. Podcasts are more of an interaction and it opens the door of possibilities when people begin to reach out for clarifications.
  5. Podcasts are a relatively cheaper method of marketing.

When brands realized that they could access tons of ears, and get seen by many eyes through the podcast route, the niche gathered more crowd.

The problem now is how to do it right.

Just like any other art, podcast guesting has twists to the game that can turn the tides in your favor. In this article, we shall shed light on how to master the art of podcast guesting for optimum promotion.

Pre-Podcast Tips to Mastering Interviews

Perhaps Abraham Lincoln’s quote will serve as a comprehensive guide on this note. If you are to spend 6 hours on a podcast, then you should spend the first 4 hours preparing for it. What this means is that the Axe cuts better when it is sharpened and you are likely to ace your podcast interview when you are adequately prepared.

So on tip 1, adequate preparation is a must.

For many experts, it seems to overburden to start reading about something you probably spent the last decade of your life learning about. The degrees and certifications should say it all right? Indeed, but there is a surer way to thrill your audience and that is by preparing for them.

  1. If you are using a podcast booking agency or any podcast booking services, then it may help if you can request an analysis of the kind of audience to expect. When you know your audience, you are halfway into having their answers. Glanville William in his book learning the law states says– ‘Know your judge.’ In this case, your judge is the audience (quite ironic that they are also your potential customers). Learn of the majority age group of the podcast/ show, and think about their likely areas of concern on the topic. Or simply google those questions, which you are likely to find on Reddit, Quora, Facebook, or anywhere else on the internet.
  2. Practice. Podcast guesting should be fun. You are not going before a panel of judges, however, unless you are a pro on podcast interviews, it will help to practice ahead. Have your colleague or friends ask you questions as though in an interview situation. Listen to similar interviews, or simply make a recording of your voice, and the areas you want to talk about. Practicing beforehand gives you a calm disposition while you are on the mic and projects you as a professional at whatever you are speaking on.
  3. Last but not the least, make sure you read the news on contemporary issues surrounding your area of interest. Your host is likely to ask you questions about the latest issue that occurred in and around your country, and God Forbid that you become mute while the conversation strays to those areas.

All we have said is to master your art and know your stuff before taking the mic.

In-Podcast Tips to Mastering Interviews

Now you have prepared and you are ready to address a congregation of the presidents of the United States on your subject matter. It is time to wield the mic as you own it. There are no ultimate tips for mastering interviews but here are a few that our clients have found useful over the years:

  1. Be confident, calm and be yourself: This cannot be overemphasized. You are a podcast guest and you must relish that position and simply dish out what you know, how you know them, and how they can affect your listeners. You should talk/ respond at a tempo that is comfortable for you. You can be fast or slow, or in between, whatever works for you, provided you are audible. In any area that you are unsure about, you could give your candid opinion, and the research you believe is being carried out so far.
  2. Engage your interviewer: Have you ever listened to the kind of podcast where the guest never says anything else except the exact answer to the question he/she was asked? If you haven’t, just imagine how boring that would be! During the interview, engage your interviewers, ask questions and let them answer them, if their answer is correct, then give them the credit, when it isn’t, correct the notion. You do not need to go on and on talking to yourself, but make sure your interview doesn’t sound like Anna and Christian Grey’s first interview meeting; you won’t get a chance to fill in the take-home questionnaire, just talk it out on the show.

Do not market yourself: sounds crazy right? The bulk reason why many brands are going into podcasting, is for marketing, so it is perplexing when we say, do not market yourself. But you read that right, do not market yourself. Otherwise, you will sound desperate and people will be one inch less interested in meeting you or transacting with you. You can talk about your business, how it grew, but make sure it is subtle and not something suggestive of ‘I will like to do business with you. Do you now see why we call it art? You must be confident enough to attract the attention of all interested ears, but subtle enough not to appear desperate for attention. Might we also add that podcast booking services make podcasting less strenuous and increase your engagement? As a podcast booking service, for example, we have firsthand experiences on shows all over the country and handpick only the best for our clients. More so, a podcast booking agency handles all the book and walk you through your journey.

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